Abigail Kahrs Poster

One Health – Female Reproductive Health for Agriculture Workers

Abigail Kahrs, PMH Candidate, Louisiana State University Health Science Center; Knesha N. Rose-Davison, MPH, AgriSafe Network


Abigail Kahrs is a MPH candidate at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center who previously received her Bachelors of Science in Animal Science at Louisiana State University. During the fall 2021 semester, she currently serves as a Women’s Health Intern at AgriSafe Network. She will be contributing to a joint one health initiative with AgriSafe Network and Central States-Center for Agricultural Safety and Health.    Knesha Rose-Davison is the Public Health Program Director for AgriSafe Network. Knesha obtained her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences (2002) and a Master’s of Public Health (2006) from Northern Illinois University. In June 2016, she obtained a certificate in Agricultural Medicine which focused on rural occupational health and environmental health and safety. She has dedicated her career to health education and promotion to underserved and vulnerable communities

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According to the 2017 Census of Agriculture, there are 1.2 million female producers who work in agriculture and 55% who directly work with livestock. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) lists numerous women’s safety and health issues related to an agricultural job including pregnancy related risks.       Using a One Health approach, recognizing the connection between people, animals, plants and their shared environment; we will address women’s reproductive health and occupational exposures for those working with beef cattle. We will expand on worker safety in feedyards by addressing commonly used cattle medications such as hormones, antiparasitic drugs, and modified live virus vaccines. Findings can be used to train women in the following areas farmer/ranchers, animal husbandry experts, veterinary, and veterinary technicians.

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