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ATV Aware  

Susan Harris, MLS, Nebraska Extension; Erin Howard; Tracy Dethlifs; Alex Farfalla; Ellen Duysen; Aaron Yoder
Susan Harris is the Rural Health, Wellness, and Safety Educator for Nebraska Extension, focusing on ATV safety, sleep deprivation, and mental wellness. Her education includes a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences in Business, as well as a master’s degree in Health and Human Performance – Gerontology. She has a 15-year history of education, liaison, and administrative work in health, wellness, and safety.

Learning objective:
Participants will be able to learn how to effectively teach ATV safety to all ages using innovative games and/or a simulator.


This pilot project was born as a result of attending an MRASH conference session presented by Dr. Gerene Denning. The idea of using an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) simulator on a traveling trailer, similar to one created at the University of Iowa, was taken to a level of research and education that was innovative and useful for creating curriculum for use in other venues. The project gathered data from Nebraska FFA teens regarding their behaviors while operating or riding ATVs, then provide intervention education. Using research by University of Nebraska Medical Center Master of Public Health grad student Alexandra Farfalla, questions were formed for an interactive learning competitive game and then followed with the simulator experience. Approximately six months later, follow-up surveys determined if those learned behaviors have changed their actual riding habits.
Aim 1: Gather demographic, knowledge, and behavioral outcomes related to ATV use using a sample of youth through 10 FFA chapters in Nebraska.
Aim 2: Influence behavioral intentions of the individuals participating in ATV Aware education.
Aim 3: Influence actual behaviors of participants who complete the ATV Aware program.
As a result of this pilot project, over 12,000 youth and adult lives were touched in 99 locations to date, with varied educational games that teach about safe behaviors on ATVs and other off-road vehicles.


Susan Harris’s presentation begins at 22:28.

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ATV Aware Curriculum