Dee Jepsen Presentation

Tractor and Machinery Operation Programs for Women in Agriculture

Dee Jepsen, PhD, The Ohio State University; Kayla Walls, Master’s Student, Iowa State University

Dee Jepsen is the State Extension Safety & Health Specialist in Ohio. She develops injury prevention programs for farm families, rural school-aged youth, collegiate students and industry workers on multiple topics.

Learning objectives:
Participants will know where to access the Women in Ag Tractor and Machinery Safety resources; and
Participants will have confidence teaching the content after an introduction to the lesson plan format.

Discuss this presentation with the authors on Wednesday, November 18 from noon – 12:30 on the Zoom Live-stream


At the last census report, women farmers comprised nearly 30% of all farmers in the United States. Similar to their male counterparts, women farmers are at high risk for tractor and machinery incidents because occupational injuries do not discriminate against gender. The purpose of this research was to design female-friendly agricultural safety education for women in agriculture. The goal of the project was to build confidence in women’s knowledge about agriculture safety hazards and their abilities to safely operate farm machinery. The primary objective was to develop train-the-trainer style agricultural safety curriculum to be used by agricultural science and extension educators to teach their female clientele. This session will provide conference participants an overview of the 13 lesson plans, highlight the hands-on curriculum components, and share program evaluation results. The main take away will be access to the teaching resources, as they are available for distribution.

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