Maria Bertrand Roundtable

Leveraging Social Media to Promote Agricultural Health and Safety   Maria Bertrand, Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health (UMASH); Molly VanBrocklin, Devon Charlier – all UMASH

Maria Bertrand is UMASH’s Student Communications Specialist. She is also pursuing a Master of Public Health at the University of Minnesota.
Megan Schossow, MS serves as UMASH’s Outreach Coordinator.
Molly VanBrocklin is the Student Web and Graphic Design Assistant at UMASH. She is also a freelance photographer and attends the University of Minnesota’s College of Design.
Devon Charlier serves as UMASH’s Evaluation Intern. She is also pursuing a Master of Public Health at the University of Minnesota.

Learning objective:
Participants will be able to list at least 3 new strategies they will utilize to either initiate or improve their social media presence in the realm of agricultural health and safety.

Discuss this presentation with the authors on Friday, November 20 from noon – 12:30 on the Zoom Live-stream


Social media is an important and increasingly valued method of outreach for agricultural safety and health. Throughout COVID-19, social media has served as a key outreach tool, allowing the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH) to expand its stakeholder base, reach a larger community, disseminate important health and safety information, and promote online events for agricultural communities. There are barriers to utilizing social media effectively, however. A detailed strategy and ongoing evaluation efforts are required, as is a deep knowledge of an organization’s goals and audience.

This round table presentation will serve as a vehicle for UMASH staff to share their knowledge with those wishing to initiate or improve their social media presence. The presentation will also create a space to collaboratively find ways to leverage social media to make agricultural communities safer and healthier.

The round table presentation will include UMASH staff Maria Bertrand, Devon Charlier, Megan Schossow, and Molly VanBrocklin. Bertrand and Schossow will discuss strategies to promote agricultural health and safety via various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Charlier will speak on UMASH’s ongoing social media evaluation efforts, and VanBrocklin will address graphic design.

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