Online Extras

Online Extras

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Kahoot Quiz:  During the conference, visit and enter the game pin we will provide.  We have fun prizes for the winners!  You can even start to play before the conference.  Click on the Kahoot logo in this paragraph and enter our game pin:  05057742.


We have a private Facebook group where people who have registered for the conference can continue to interact, discuss and share resources beyond the live-streamed sessions.  You must request to become a member by clicking on the icon here.



On Twitter or other social media, use #MRASH2020 and #RisetoNewChallenges




We know that sitting in front of a Zoom screen for days in a row is hard on your body.  We have 3 wonderful leaders ready to push us out of our comfort level and get us to stretch.  All of these stretches are great not only for those of us at our computers, but also good for farmers sitting in their tractors or combines.  These are not just for watching, but for doing!




Jenna Gibbs has been playing sports, lifting, running, and doing yoga for more than 20 years. Some of her biggest accomplishments include playing basketball for the University of Iowa, running the Boston Marathon, competing in power and Olympic weightlifting competitions, and balancing fitness with motherhood. In addition to an academic career as a researcher in the field of public health, she has 6 years of experience in strength and conditioning, training, and yoga instruction. She is passionate about helping other individuals achieve their sports performance goals.  Visit her personal trainer page.



Linda Emanuel is the Community Health nurse with AgriSafe Network as well as a co-proprietor of her three generational Nebraska family farm. She engages with the diverse agriculture community as a health care advocate, educator and coach. Her passion as an agriculture producer and nurse provider enables her to act as a liaison between research and practice and therefore drives her work to address the everchanging needs of this population.   Linda and AgriSafe have created guides on both farm yoga and farm pilates that can be accessed on the AgriSafe website.



Emily Freudenburg is the Lead Rural Rehabilitation Specialist for Nebraska AgrAbility. She has been with the program since 2015.  Emily’s background in Occupational Therapy helps her to understand client disabilities and limitations.  This helps her to recommend assistive technology that is appropriate for the farmer/rancher.  Emily enjoys attending farm/ranch expos to find new technologies.  Emily is also the social media guru for the program. In her free time you will find her playing with her dog, Milo, or helping with the cattle on her family farm.  Emily will be demonstrating stretches from Farmer Daily Stretching Program Brochure which she developed.

FFA/4-H Safety Video Contest

If you are an FFA advisor, Vocational Ag instructor or a 4-H leader, watch this space after the conference for ways you can engage your students in a fun farm safety video contest.