Serap Gorucu Poster

Analysis of Agricultural Injuries in Florida

Serap Gorucu, PhD, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences  Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida;

Dr. Serap Gorucu is an Assistant Professor in the University of Florida. Dr. Gorucu’s research has beenfocused on agricultural injury surveillance and injury coding schemes.

Learning objective:

Participants will be able to list basic injury sources and contributing events for agricultural injuries in Florida

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The purpose of this presentation is to examine severe injuries in various segments of the agricultural industries in Florida. Data from an OSHA database is used to investigate all severe injuries in the five years from 2015 to 2019. Results show there were 121 severe injuries during the five-year period. This is an ongoing data analysis. Data analysis will help us to see the trend and to understand the prevalent injury events and sources. Implications will be drawn for agricultural industries to reduce the likelihood of injuries in Florida

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