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Assessing Pesticide Education Interventions using Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model: A Narrative Literature Review

Victor A. Soupene, BS BA, University of Iowa

Victor A. Soupene is a master’s student in the Agricultural Safety and Health program at the University of Iowa. He studies pesticide-related issues including exposure and educational practices.

Learning objective:
Participants will be able to describe pesticide safety intervention practices utilized.

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Purpose: Misuse of pesticides is common among agricultural workers, internationally. There is concern pesticide applicators and farmers are unaware of the adverse health effects associated with pesticide exposure. Workplace educational interventions are developed to teach and protect workers from health and safety hazards such as pesticides. However, educational practices are not well evaluated for effectiveness. This study sought to examine pesticide educational interventions and how they compare to each other.

Methods: A narrative literature review was conducted on pesticide educational interventions (n=8). A PRISMA model was incorporated to process and identify interventions for this review. Each study was ranked using Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model. Descriptive information and study methods were also described and compared to distinguish educational practices.

Findings: Descriptive information varied among each study. Using Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model, four interventions were ranked as level 2 (knowledge), and four as level 3 (behavioral). Difference among studies occurred frequently, suggesting the variety of educational practices utilized.

Practical Application: This narrative review demonstrates the benefits and needs for pesticide interventions in agriculture. Studies described in this literature review can be employed to develop future pesticide educational interventions.

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