Wednesday Roundtable: You’ve got mail!

You’ve got mail! E-mail strategies that truly deliver results by helping you engage with your audience.

Convened by Melissa Ploeckelman, Outreach Specialist, National Farm Medicine Center,


  • Megan Schossow, MS, Director of Outreach & Center Coordinator, Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health (UMASH)
  • Jana Davidson, Education Content Specialist, Progressive Agriculture Safety Days

Melissa Ploeckelman was born and raised on a diversified dairy farm. She joined 4-H, FFA and attended the University of Wisconsin–River Falls where she majored in Agricultural Education. 4 years ago she left her teaching career of six years to become the Outreach Specialist at the National Farm Medicine Center and her mission is to keep safety in the front of all farmers minds.   Megan Schossow is the Outreach Director and Center Coordinator for the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center based in the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota, where she has worked extensively in outreach and community engagement and emerging issues since 2017. Her background areas of expertise include agronomy and policy analysis, and she holds a B.S. and M.S. from the University of Minnesota. She implements the health and safety outreach program, which prioritizes research to practice and the One Health model. She has previously worked as an agronomist, in government relations and state government, and with her family who farm in Southeast Minnesota.

As the Education Content Specialist for the Progressive Agriculture Foundation, Jana Davidson is responsible for curriculum development for the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day (PASD) program. She strongly believes in the program’s mission and strives to help provide solutions to the problem using hands-on education and resources to prevent injuries and fatalities among youth. In 2005, Jana first became involved with the PASD program as a volunteer. To this day, she coordinates Safety Days in her local community of Clearfield, PA. Jana received her B.S. from the Pennsylvania State University in Agribusiness Management and went on to earn an M.Ed. specializing in Teaching & Curriculum.

Learning objectives:

  1. Participants will learn the pros, cons, and costs of different e-mailing platforms.
  2. Participants will discover how to create a contact list and keep it up to date to share resources and information via e-mail.
  3. Participants will identify different ways of measuring the success of e-mailing information to a target audience.

More than 90 percent of adult Internet users report using e-mail. Although decades old, e-mail remains a cost-effective workhorse that can reach almost everyone. A variety of software options enables you to manage address lists, contacts, e-mail templates, emailing calendar, analytics and more. The National Farm Medicine Center, Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health center and Progressive Agriculture Safety Days each uses a different e-mail platform to engage stakeholders, and each measures success in a different way. The panel will examine pros and cons of their specific programs. Come learn how you can utilize e-mail to better reach your target audience(s), and share your stories as well.

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